Rejuice is an organic beverage and vegan food cafe specializing in organic & vegan juice, smoothies and food.  We use local and organically certified produce; every beverage is cold pressed and hand crafted by our master juicer, Ron Anthony.  

Quality, consistency and attention to detail are just a few of the many things that set us apart from other juice bars.

People give up so much every day on the journey towards wellness: time, money, positivity, and above all, taste. They tell themselves "if it isn't hard, then it isn't working." These sacrifices have become the norm within the health and wellness industry.

At Rejuice, we believe this doesn't have to be the

case... because living well shouldn't be a compromise.

We embody this promise every day by holding ourselves and our products to the highest of standards, which separate us from the competition and help our customers live well without compromise.We call it The RejuiceDifference.



Our custom hydraulic press uses thousands of pounds of pressure to gently extract vitamins, minerals, and enzymes with minimal oxidation and without any heat, creating the cleanest, smoothest, freshest tasting juice you have ever sipped.



All of our food is made to order and extremely fresh.  We are farm to table, locally source all of our produce and make everything fresh and from scratch each day.  Our soups and entrees have become so popular that on many days we sell out.

We work with local certified organic farmers.  Our juice and food is farm to table!



Farm Fresh


Our juicing facility is located in the heart of California, close to the independent farmers who grow our beautiful, fresh, First Grade produce, minimizing the transportation time from farm to bottle to you.



A healthy lifestyle isn't an exclusive club. Our mission is to bring nutritious, premium juice to everyone who strives to live their best life. We love helping our customers learn about the amazing benefits of juice.

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